Biofeedback in Strength & Skill Training

Biofeedback in Strength and Skill Training (BiSSkiT) is a training protocol and accompanying software programme for rehabilitation of swallowing impairments. It is based on, and dependent on, surface electromyography as a hardware platform.

It is simple to use and specifically designed for clinicians and researchers in the area of swallowing and swallowing disorders but may have applications in many areas of rehabilitation medicine in which feedback would be of value to motor task performance.

BiSSkiT is no longer available to clinicians in Europe, New Zealand and Australia. If you are an existing customer who requires support, please contact

How Does BiSSkiT Work?

Video used here with the permission of the University of Canterbury's Rose Centre for Stroke Recovery and Research.

Features of the BiSSkiT Software

  • Easy to install and operate on a PC or laptop with Microsoft Windows operating system.
  • Designed for clinicians to guide patients through personalised, targeted exercises for improved power or precision in motor performance.
  • A variety of training protocols can be adapted for patient need: immediate feedback, delayed feedback, fading feedback schedule.
  • A variety of audio and visual feedback types provide interest and motivation.
  • Sessions can be saved to the database with the ability to review the full session and perform additional measurements.
  • Assessment protocols with a fixed target for task performance allow for intermittent outcome measurement.
  • Specificity of measurement makes this a very adaptable research tool for measuring a change in participant performance on motor tasks.

System Requirements

Supported systems

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.
  • Not supported: Apple Mac, iPad, Windows RT.


  • Intel core i3 (or i5, i7 or more )
  • 1 GB RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit)
  • 1.2 GB spare hard drive
  • Minimum resolution: 1280 x 720
  • sEMG recording unit: Please refer to the ‘instructions for use’ provided by the manufacturer of your sEMG recording unit for other requirements.
  • The BiSSkiT software is compatible with the following sEMG recording units:
    • NeuroTrac® Simplex; Verity Medical Ltd.
    • NeuroTrac® Simplex Plus; Verity Medical Ltd.
    • NeuroTrac® MyoPlus Plus Pro; Verity Medical Ltd.
  • If using an sEMG recording unit with fibre optic data communication:
    • Available USB port for connecting sEMG recording unit
    • Fibre Optic USB Adaptor and Fibre Optic cable to connect the sEMG recording unit to the computer
    • Contact your hardware distributor to purchase the USB and cable
  • If using a Bluetooth-enabled sEMG recording unit:
    • Available USB port for connecting the Bluetooth adaptor if it is required
    • A computer with Bluetooth compatibility or a suitable Bluetooth adaptor for a computer without Bluetooth capability

BiSSkiT Resources

BiSSkiT Licenses

BiSSkiT is no longer available to clinicians in Europe, New Zealand and Australia. If you are a an existing customer who requires support, please contact us.

Single License: $800

Second License: $600

Third & Each Additonal License: $400

  • BiSSkiT is the only therapeutic tool that very importantly works on adapting quality of movement by working on timing and movement precision in a way the patient can easily understand, and the clinician can verify.
    Andrea, Clinical Logopaedist, Germany
  • I am a SLT working on an acute Stroke Unit. Myself and some of my colleagues have attended your courses over in the UK and as a result have adopted sEMG as first line treatment in brainstem stroke. We have had excellent outcomes using BiSSKIT (we have been collecting data for over 2 years) and have been keeping the PEG team significantly less busy.
    Jill, Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
  • “Having experienced a stroke highlighted the things that I was really good at, and what I took for granted...swallowing! Like most 'normal' people, my life revolved around food. Birthdays - cake. Easter - hot cross buns. Christmas - BBQ lunch. In-between were popcorn at the movies, beer with mates or a coffee with a date. I had to relearn how to swallow. How on earth do you do that?! BiSSkiT allowed me to do that. It is this cool thing where I could see what was happening to my swallow! In time, I had my cake, hot cross buns and BBQ's back. For me, I have my life back.”

    Eric, 42 year old former firefighter, stroke patient and patient advocate, New Zealand
  • Swallowing therapy without biofeedback? Its a bit like trying to find your way to the fridge at your in-laws house at night, without the lights on. I just want to see what I’m supposed to be doing!
    Victor, 72 year old stroke patient, USA